SkinPen vs. Lutronic Genius

Microneedling, with its ability to improve texture, minimize acne scars, and bestow a youthful glow, has emerged as a staple in the beauty world. However, like all good things, the realm of microneedling is ever-evolving. Enter RF microneedling. At Beautiful Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer both treatments: the traditional SkinPen microneedling and the innovative Lutronic Genius RF microneedling. Let’s dive deeper into these treatments and introduce you to a transformative add-on: (Plated) Exosomes.

SkinPen Microneedling: The Time-Tested Classic

SkinPen provides a premier microneedling experience, harnessing the power of precision needles to stimulate the skin’s rejuvenating properties through collagen production.

Why embrace the SkinPen at Beautiful Aesthetics?

  • Directly addresses signs of aging, acne scars, and uneven skin texture.
  • Capitalizes on the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
  • Results in a refined, youthful complexion.

Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling: A Step Beyond

While the SkinPen offers exceptional results, those seeking an enhanced experience might lean toward the Lutronic Genius. Integrating the proven effectiveness of microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy, it offers a potent combination for skin rejuvenation. This dual-action approach ensures deeper collagen and elastin synthesis for a firmer, rejuvenated complexion. The treatment’s versatility is evident as it’s applicable to various areas, from the face to the knees.

Why Lutronic Genius might be your perfect match?

  • Merges microneedling with the precision of RF energy.
  • Stimulates a deeper layer of the skin for amplified results.
  • Suits a variety of treatment areas.

Amplify Your Experience with (Plated) Exosomes

To further elevate your skincare journey, consider the (Plated) Exosomes add-on. This groundbreaking component harnesses exosomes’ power to promote cellular regeneration, ensuring deeper treatment penetration and optimized results. Perfect for those seeking a luminous glow and an intense restorative boost. Plus, with every treatment, you’ll receive a take-home Exosome product to continue the rejuvenation process at home.

In conclusion, whether you lean towards the classic approach with SkinPen or crave the cutting-edge RF technology of Lutronic Genius, Beautiful Aesthetics has your skincare needs covered. And don’t forget: adding (Plated) Exosomes will undoubtedly take your results to the next level!