Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions asked about Beautiful Aesthetics.

How can I stay updated with the latest offers and treatments at Beautiful Aesthetics?

To stay in the loop, we recommend following our official Instagram page and subscribing to our newsletter. We regularly update our community with the latest treatments, special offers, and beauty insights.

Can I purchase gift cards or treatment packages for a friend at Beautiful Aesthetics?
Certainly! Beautiful Aesthetics offers gift cards and bespoke treatment packages, perfect for special occasions or simply as a thoughtful gesture. Nothing says ‘care’ like the gift of beauty and rejuvenation.
How does Beautiful Aesthetics maintain its high standard of service?
Continual training, feedback, and a dedication to excellence are our pillars. We stay updated with industry advancements, ensuring our clients always receive top-of-the-line treatments and care.
Do you offer any membership or loyalty programs at Beautiful Aesthetics?
Absolutely! We value our loyal clients and offer a membership plan that allows members to accrue “Beauty Bucks” with every purchase. These can be saved and applied to future treatments, enhancing the Beautiful Aesthetics experience.
How often should one schedule treatments at Beautiful Aesthetics for optimal results?
The frequency of treatments varies based on individual needs and the specific procedures chosen. For instance, while some may benefit from monthly sessions, others might require more spaced-out appointments. It’s best to discuss this with our experts during the consultation.
What makes Beautiful Aesthetics stand out from other med spas in the region?
Our dedication to combining the latest technology with a personal touch sets us apart. Beautiful Aesthetics offers a serene environment, cutting-edge treatments, and a team deeply passionate about holistic beauty and wellness.
Is there a consultation process before undergoing treatments at Beautiful Aesthetics?
Yes, at Beautiful Aesthetics, we believe in personalized care. Every new client is encouraged to schedule a consultation. This allows our experts to understand individual needs, discuss potential treatments, and craft a tailored skincare plan.
How does Beautiful Aesthetics ensure the safety of its treatments?
Client safety is paramount at Beautiful Aesthetics. All our treatments are FDA-approved, and our team undergoes rigorous training. Moreover, we adhere to strict hygiene protocols, ensuring every session is conducted in a clean and safe environment.

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For any other questions, please write us at hello@beautifulaesthetics.com or call us on (214) 618-0264.